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Why Plant-Based diet is on the rise

Much of the world is trending towards plant-based diet – and this global shift is here to stay. Veganism is growing quickly around and the world, and now we know that seven percent of Americans identify as vegan – up from only one percent in 2014. These stats do not include the quick rise in veganism world-wide.

Consumer awareness of the health effects of animal products in our diet is slowly increasing. As a result, In 2017 the documentary “What the Health” was released on Netflix, exploring the serious health concerns relating to the meat and dairy industries.

Plant-Based diet is here to stay

Furthermore, all over the world people are waking up to the reality that meat consumption, our health and the environment are all linked. We are now getting even more closer to the plant-based revolution that Google predicted back in 2016. The list of vegan and vegetarian influencers is getting bigger each year. Many stars are joining the revolution and promoting a plant-based or vegan lifestyle.

Are you looking for ideas of vegan travel destination? also, check out PETA’s list of top 10 vegan friendly cities in America.

Tivoni’s chef and owner Gili saw a growing market opportunities for plant-based food in her area, and being a vegan herself, she decided to open her first all-vegan casual restaurant in 2018. Gili has been pleased to see the demand for plant-based foods in her community and to hear her customers stories of transforming their lives through a vegan diet.

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