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Our Menu

We buy our produce every week at the local market to ensure maximum freshness. Many of our ingredients are also organic. Our menu does not consist of mock animal products, only plant-based dishes. We offer two different soups each day. Our soup menu changes daily. Please check for today’s specials below. View Specials

We offer allergy-friendly options

We offer many gluten free options on our menu and we work very hard to keep our gluten free items from cross contamination. They are made with separate equipment. We do work with a lot of nuts in our kitchen so we are not able to offer anything completely nut free, however, our chef will be happy to accommodate your needs. Most of our items are soy free as well. We make sure to offer some sugar free and oil free options for our health conscious customers. Items on the menu are marked accordingly. Just give us a call or email us if you have any questions.

(GF)= Gluten Free, (SOS)= Salt, Oil, Sugar Free , (R)= Raw

**Item contains or may contain nuts.

Small Plates

Try our smaller plates as an appetizer or a side to your meal

Vegan starters & sides

Vegan small plates class=

Avo-Pesto Chia flat bread (GF) **

Our house-made chewy chia & seeds flatbread, topped with fresh avocado and omega3 rich hemp basil pesto


Roasted lemon cauliflower (GF)

Roasted cauliflower florets with fresh lemon and a touch of olive oil and garlic, drizzled with a healthy sesame tahini sauce.


Dosa Indian green pancakes (GF)

Gluten free fritters made with sprouted lentils, brown rice & fresh herbs, served with sweet & spicy red pepper indian relish.


Beet Carpaccio with korean dressing (GF)

Thin sliced roasted beets finished with a light dressing and chopped peanuts


Israeli-style hummus dip

Chickpea & sesame dip with a touch of garlic, served warm with whole wheat pita bread and fresh cut vegetables.


Small Seasonal Fruit Salad (GF) (R) (SOS)

Assorted fresh seasonal fruit


Veggie Power Bowls

Our healthy veggie bowls take you on a culinary trip around the world

Vegan veggie bowls

Veggie power bowls

Middle Eastern Falafel Bowl (GF) (SOS)

Air Fried Chickpea & herbs Falafel balls tossed over middle eastern chopped salad made with lettuce, cucumber, tomato & onion and drizzled with Tahini dressing.


South American Quinoa & Sweet Potato Bowl (GF)

South-American inspired, red quinoa topped with roasted sweet potato, fresh avocado and topped with our house made chimichurri sauce


Indonesian Tofu, stir-fry Veggies & Rice-Noodle bowl (GF)

Sautéed fresh carrot, broccoli, red pepper, snow peas topped with Indonesian marinated tofu and green onion over thin rice noodles


Coconut Braised Chickpea Bowl (GF) (SOS)

Coconut braised chickpeas with fresh baby spinach and sun-dried tomatoes served over brown rice



We offer two soups daily. Check our specials section below for today's soup specials

Vegan soup

Vegan soup

Soup of the day

We offer a variety of soups. One or two soups are offered daily based on supplies. Check with us for today's soups. We make all soups fresh each morning. Many salt & oil free options available. All soups are gluten free!



We sell our staple desserts made fresh in-house daily along with changing daily specials. Custom special occasion cakes are available starting at $40. Please call at least 3 days ahead to order.

Vegan desserts

Vegan desserts

Malabi Rosewater Pudding (GF) **

Creamy middle eastern rosewater pudding made with coconut milk and topped with pomegranate syrup, shredded coconut and chopped pistachios


Cupcake **

Our cupcake flavors change daily. Ask us about today's cupcake flavor or check out our specials section below


Chocolate Espresso Tort with toasted hazelnut crust (GF) **

Gluten free rich chocolate tort with a touch of espresso will have you craving for more. Gluten-free toasted hazelnut crust with oatmeal filled with cashew-based dark chocolate filling


Healthy Energy Ball (GF) (SOS) (R) **

Perfect and healthy little treat, date ball made with nuts and seeds, maca super food, a touch of cocoa powder and rolled in hemp hearts


Chocolate Chip Cookie **

Delicious, soft & sweet-tooth satisfying chocolate chip cookie made from scratch in house


Drinks & Smoothies

Vegan drinks

Indian Summer Smoothie (GF) (SF)

Filling smoothie made with mango, coconut milk, Chia seeds and a touch of ginger & turmeric


Vegan Colada Smoothie (GF) (SF) **

Pinneapple, Mango, Banana + Almond milk & Coconut water to keep you satisfied & refreshed


Green Machine Smoothie (GF) (SF)

Our healthiest smoothie made with spinach, kale, lemon, apple, ginger and coconut water


Bottled Beverages

Locally made ice teas, fruit & veggie juices, Kombucha and more


Hot drinks (free refills)

Hot coffee and our selection of organic teas


Today's Specials

Tree-nut free blueberry Muffin

Jumbo size blueberry muffin, free of tree-nuts for those who need to avoid eating nuts


Lentil stew (SOS)

Perfect weather to cozy up with a filling lentil stew packed with legumes, beans and grains


Dark chocolate ginger bon bon

Slightly spicy bon bon made with creamy coconut milk, 70% dark chocolate and ginger


Oil-free chocolate zucchini muffin

Jumbo size moist and soft muffin made with no oil! zucchini and chocolate make for a rich combination


Gluten, nut, soy free glazed donut

Gluten free glazed donuts from COB vegan gluten-free bakery are some of our best selling sweets! come and get one before they are gone!


Vegan Food Daily Special

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