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Tivoni’s Background

Tivoni Vegan Kitchen & Bakery is the brainchild of chef Gili Kieffer. Tivoni (pronounced TivONee) means “vegan” in Hebrew, Gili’s native language. Gili moved to Lancaster in 2007 after a few years of travels. She has been working in web design & development since 1999 but was always passionate about veganism and cooking & baking. She decided to make a career change in 2016 and got certified in professional plant-based cooking and dessert making. Gili funded the Lancaster Area Vegan Meetup Group and started teaching vegan cooking classes in the Lancaster area soon after.

Tivoni Vegan Kitchen & Bakery

In early 2018 Gili drove by a bagel shop with a sign “for lease” on the side of the building and decided to check it out. She immediately knew that this was her chance to take a big step and open her own cafe. Being a vegan, Gili saw the need to offer other people with special diets a place to eat without settling for one option on the menu. After much planning and anticipation, Tivoni opened in September of 2018. The counter service cafe offers a variety of internationally and seasonally inspired grain & veggie bowls, soups, smoothies and delicious desserts. While attending a large vegan conference, Gili learned about the health benefits of a plant-based SOS free (Sugar, Oil, Salt) diet and decided to incorporate a few of those dishes in the menu to accommodate her health conscious customers who wish to eliminate those ingredients from their food. We are not 100% organic but we buy organic and none-gmo ingredients when possible and strive to serve you quality foods sourced locally.

Meet The Owners

Gili Kieffer
Chef & Owner

Gili is a plant-based certified chef and pastry maker. It was Gili's dream come true to bring her culinary expertise to Lancaster when she opened Tivoni in 2018. Since 2005 Gili has lived in and traveled to many exotic places, where she grew her passion and inspiration for vegan food. Growing up in Israel to Moroccan and Polish parents she was exposed to different foods at an early age and was often found baking and making desserts before she went to high school. Gili, who was very quiet and introverted in her younger years discovered that she enjoys working with people and making them laugh. She loves teaching adults and children how to have fun in the kitchen.

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